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Ag Source Magazine has helped thousands of customers sell their new and used farm equipment, tractors and farm machinery faster and easier than any other publication.

Take a few moments and read what just a few of our happy customers have to say about their experience in advertising with Ag Source Magazine

“ATI  Machinery  and  Napa  West  have  advertised  in  Ag  Source  from  their very first issue. We use all forms of the Ag Source advertising options from Display Ads to Jumbo Photo Ads to a simple Photo Ad. Regardless of cost, no other advertising option makes the phone ring more than our advertising in Ag Source. Our goal at ATI Machinery and Napa West is to provide value to our customers with quality service and reliable products at great prices.  We strive to keep tractor  rental  prices  and  Napa  parts  prices  as  low  as  possible  by  efficiently controlling our costs. However, it is often difficult to measure the return on the advertising dollars we spend.  We have lost count of how many calls we receive that begin with “I saw your ad in Ag Source Magazine” – so I know the  money  spent  is  reaching  our  customers.    No  other  form  of  advertising consistently brings business like Ag Source.
    – Mark Moorehead, Co-Owner, ATI Machinery, Inc




Ag   Source   Magazine   has   been   one   of   our   main advertising publications for over 15 years. The magazine’s style of advertising generates the best results for our business and has proven to be a profitable advertising investment. Along  with  the  monthly  publication,  they  publish  the Special World Ag Expo Planning Guide and Buyers Guide that guarantees our company information will be seen by the thousands who attend the Expo each year. Both publications provide excellent coverage on a wide range of interests and get our message out with great circulation. The company is outstanding for their courteous and prompt service, and attention   to   detail.  They   are   a   great   benefit   to   our business!
     – Ed Wunsch, Vice President , Big W Sales




“We  have  certainly  appreciated  the  opportunity  to advertise  with  Ag  Source  Magazine.    Through  its incredibly wide distribution, we have gained exposure to numerous potential clients and have secured various new accounts throughout the Valley.  Without a doubt, Ag  Source  Magazine  has  proven  itself  to  be  a  very effective advertising tool for our company.”
–Santiago Martin, Jr. President, Cream of the Crop Ag Service, Inc




“Faria Trailers Inc. has benefited from the magazine for several years now. It brings to us customers from all over the state that may not have thought about us with out the Ag Source. When they call we ask them how they knew about us and their answer is through the Ag Source Magazine. We truly appreciate you.”

– Letha Faria, owner
“Ag Source Magazine is an absolute must for me and my advertising program. I do not want to plan an Auction Sale without running an ad about the sale. I know the magazine covers a large territory and I could not reach the same amount of people any other way. The folks at Ag Source take what ever rough copy I send them and make a professional ad out of it. I could not ask for a better relationship with them.
Thanks for all you do for me!”

– Jerry Gould, Gould Auction & Appraisal
Ag Source Magazine is by far the best choice for advertising. It covers my customer base when it comes to the growers that use my equipment. I have enjoyed working with the Ag Source team for the past 11 years. It’s great to see them at the California farm shows that we participate in and let me tell you… that magazine is everywhere! They make sure they are getting it into the hands of my potential customers.

– Clint Erling, owner
“Back in 1998 the young salesman for Ag Source Magazine, Eric Batti, was very persistent with me that advertising in Ag Source would be very beneficial to our business. After a few months of turning him down, his persistence paid off and I made the decision to run a few photo ads. The response to those ads was better than I expected and that lead me to a half page ad, and ultimately a full page color ad. The whole team at Ag Source is a pleasure to work with and keeping my ads fresh and impact is of the utmost importance to them. Hundreds of ads later, I have found Ag Source to be the magazine most read by people in
the market for equipment. How do I know? I just have to answer the phone.”

– Dan Kramer, Sales Manager, Kuckenbecker Tractor Co
We started advertising in Ag Source Magazine when it was small and just starting out. Over the years we have canceled our phone book and most all other advertising because we received more return on our advertising dollars from Ag Source Magazine. The staff at Ag Source has given our company any design assistance we need.
When you advertise with Ag Source, you don’t just reach “local” customers either. We have had people call us from Oregon, Washington and even Alaska because they saw our “Ad” in the online magazine. Our advertising dollars are never wasted when we place an ad in Ag Source!

– Donna McClure-Gibbons
“Ag Source provides a beneficial marketing solution for McLellan’s customer base in the central valley and beyond. After over a decade of working with the magazine, we’ve continued to enjoy the helpful demeanor of the staff and their high quality product. The frequent leads brought in by Ag Source Magazine seed the beginning of fantastic customer relationships.”

McLellan Equipment, Inc.
Manufacturer of support equipment for mining, construction, and agriculture.
“The simple answer to the question of why we advertise in Ag Source Magazine is – It Works. We know the minute the latest edition hits the stands, because our phones start ringing. And surprisingly, many of those callers are our good, loyal customers who’ve been in and out of our dealership 5 or 10 times a month for the last 10 years. They just never bother to check out our used equipment. So, when Midland Tractor talks about effective marketing, AgSource is one of our top choices – year in and year out.”

“I have been a customer of Ag Source since the very
first year they were in business. It has been a very good working relationship. They have been helpful, flexible and professional in helping us to design the ads we use. We have sold equipment to the readers throughout CA and into Oregon, Nevada, and a few sales into Hawaii.”

– Gary Hall, owner, Sierra Valley Traders
When I switched careers 7 yrs. ago for the family dairy to Sales Manager with The Trailer Company it was an easy choice where to get exposure. Ag Source was the first change I made in promoting TTC Trailers. Ag Source was the book I grabbed when I was on the dairy so I figured it would also be the book my customers would grab. Lucky Guess!

– Ricci Faria

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